​​​ Julia Ainsworth

Photo by Alexandru Steau

 Theatre Artist & Arts Educator


I'm a Montreal based playwright, director and arts educator working at the intersection of performing arts and education.

I'm currently developing a new play in collaboration with  Teesri Duniya Theatre.  My interactive TYA play  "Wake up Sleeping Beauty! toured for the past two years with the Live Action Theatre to schools and theatres including the Centaur Theatre, SpringWorks Festival in Stratford, Ontario, TA DA Festival in Wakefield, QC, Point Claire Arts Alive Festival, and Hudson Village Theatre

I collaborate with schools & theatres as               

  • Playwright                                                                    

  • Director                                                                                              

  • Creator of study guides and lesson plans  (Centaur Theatre, Segal Centre,  Grand Theatre, McGill University)                                      

  • Teacher (coaching, workshops, ongoing classes)