​​​ Julia Ainsworth


My work draws on my multifaceted training in playwriting, directing, devised creation and performance. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre from York University (2005) and Bachelor of Education in the Artist in the Community program from Queen's University (2006). My training includes instruction with Mark Wilson (devised theatre), Judith Rudakoff (playwriting), Sonia Norris (acting, mask & movement), Irena Hernandez (voice) and Paul Lampert (directing). I have participated in artistic mentorships with Lib Spry (PGC, 2015)  Stacey Christodoulou (the Other Theatre, 2013), Alexandria Haber (QWF, 2007) and Jackie P.A Thomas (Theatre Gargantua, 2006). Masterclasses with Paula Vogel, Brian Drader, Erin Shields, Jill Murray, Jonathan Garfinkel and the Women's Filmmaker's Society. 

I have over fifteen years of experience in performing arts and education as a playwright, director, producer, and arts educator. As Artistic Director of Zeitgeist Theatre Collective  (2007-2012), and co-Artistic Director of the Live Action Theatre (2014- current), my collaborations focus on investigating and bridging relationships between spectator & artist. Through employment of promenade, site-specific and interactive genres, I invite audiences to intimately engage with critical subjects.

My plays have lead me to dark places, with a desire to uncover and illuminate the familiar in the unknown: from Canada's Federal Prison for Women (Unfit for Bears and P4W) to Vancouver's lower east side (Vacancy - Co-creation) and Montreal's haunted Griffintown (Blight).

I have received support from the Canada Council for the Arts, CALQ, Jeunes Voluntaires, SSHRC, Playwright's Workshop Montreal and the Playwright's Guild of Canada. ​Reviewers have described my plays as:


"Shining a light on an obscured place in Canadian history" (Montreal Mirror)

"Volatile stories keep emotions on high and give us much to think about" (Charlebois post)

“True interactive theatre” (Quebec Drama Observer)


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